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dtravis - I know it can be done that way, but I literally have to do this act at least 100 times per day for my business and jumping thru those hoops would kill me. I guess I could use bootcamp/parallels to run windows all day but geez - I can't believe mac has no easy way to do this like windows does. I'm quite appalled by this. Seriously, if Leopard doesn't have this core basic feature, I'm going to raise **** with Apple. Like it's my job!

Jamo - Yes, I have 10.4.8. Highlighting rec'd email doesn't drag. Can't drag anything out of it. In Safari, I can drag it out to desktop but when I click on it - it's in "Finder" mode which has no print option at all. I have no idea why it's opening it in Finder instead of a zillion other things like TextEdit.

I know there are a few programs out there that "might" handle this but I can't even get the demos to load on this thing. I was told to use Bomarchiver? But I need to load that first I guess. My day with the Mac is going poorly.
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