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Are you using 10.4.8? I'm not sure that matters any, but I just tested it (again) in both Mail and Safari. I wish I had a screen video capture program I'd show you what I'm talking about.

Best text explanation, after you have the segment of text highlighted, hover your mouse over it, then click and hold, after about a second (more if you want to be cautious) drag. It should show you the WHOLE text area that you are dragging, just drop it onto the desktop. On my computer it automatically makes it a file that if double clicked on takes me to a finder window. However, if you right click (Apple + Click) on the file itself, before opening it, then it brings up your of which is print. I don't have a printer hooked up to my MBP so I can't test out that part, but I would assume if you select print, it will print. As for it not working in Mail, I suspect it's a matter of you not waiting long enough before you begin to drag. That, OR, it's an update that you've missed....which I doubt.
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