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Hi. I'm getting used to things after 20+ years of PC.

First off, is there any way to set this machine up to handle downloads cleanly? Most times when I load something, it leaves odd traces (icons) on my desktop or dissappears into the Finder where I cannot find it at all. Sometimes I just get code loaded in firefox/safari when I click 'download'.
For example, I can't get one single screen saver from this site:

2ndly - OMG! What was Apple thinking by not allowing "print - Selection" like Windows does? The basic way to do it is cumbersome, time-consuming, archaic, and flat out ridiculous. I have to do this one act perhaps 100 times per day and if I had to open each chunk in text edit (another window), then print that, etc. I'd blow my brains out.
Anyone know of a program, script, etc. that will fix this inhumanity to man level of insanity?

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