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Not bigging them up, I wish they made alot of their products such as Windows Live Messenger on my Mac, but they don't and they do have problems with their products.

However If they do release a good product I 'm not going to use your mentality and not get it purely because MS made it. It should be based on it's own merits like schweb said.

I am a PC Switcher like most but MS make far from crap products in my View alot of their software is good, I don't like to isolate myself all my College Mates, Friends and Family use PCs and to a degree you must know someone who uses a PC and if you can both use the same software whether it's MS or otherwise it's always beneficial and they tend to be alot more compaitable that an alternative.

I do hate some of MS Products for Mac mainly because they are revamped versions of previous PC Software. All Microsoft Messenger for MAc reminds me of is MSN Messenger 6 for the PC

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