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Mostly all good replies. I appreciate the time that everyone took to read and respond and found it interesting to learn about both similar and different experiences. I agree that nothing is perfect and that both OS's are pretty good. And yes both Microsoft and Apple borrow (or some say steal) ideas from each other. My problem is that Apple (or the big fans) seems to propagate some misinformation in addition to being very snide about its competition. This doesn't seem to be the case ("as much") with the other co. I admit, my problem was that I probably had unrealistically high expectations of the MacBook. I was ready to change only for the sake of something new and fresh, not because I was dissatisfied with MS XP. And yes its true (and a point that I overlooked) that any PC as slim as the MacBook would get just as hot (my Dell laptop for work is the same way though my Gateway at home isn't as bad, due of course to its thicker case). As far as the "ignorant" comment about less than 10% using Mac's, my apologies I don't keep up with the stats on a daily basis. At any rate its nice to see that Mac's will run Windows natively. One last point. One responder said that a comp. Dell will cost about the same as a MacBook. Not true. In addition they state that Dell doesn't put high-end features into their smaller notebooks. Again, not true. Dell Inspiron's (e1405) offer higher resolution screens (WSXGA+) which are nicer looking IMO. I wish this had been an option on the MacBook. My hopes are that there will be some design improvements on the MacBook in the coming months. If there are, I will likely reconsider. I enjoyed it some things about it very much. Finally I'd like to see Apple not take advantage of its customers as it does by charging $150 more for a black vs white MacBook. This also includes the unreasonable cost to add more RAM and HDD space. 512MB with a 60GB HDD is very outdated for todays needs. Thanks again to all for taking the time to discuss these issues!!
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