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Originally Posted by Adam View Post
Did yours tell you about capital letters at the beginning of sentances?
What is a sentance? (Way to put your foot in your mouth)

Now that we are all gramatically correct/spelling B qualified in this forum, because that is the goal of sharing information, move along in discussion.

In response to the original poster, I have experienced most of what you are speaking of with my Powerbook G4 in the year and a half I have had it.

Some things to consider:

1.) I have experienced some heating problems when running more than 6 programs, most of which were serious programs, (iMovie, iWeb, iTunes, Photoshop CS, Maya, Entourage, Dreamweaver, Adobe Premier). First I would like you to get your Dell laptop and run several of these programs just like you did on your macbook and see if it doesn't freeze up/heat up. If it doesn't, you are a very lucky Dell user.

2.) A very clear cut indication for me that Macs can handle a lot of abuse (running programs without negative feedback such as freezing) is the ability to run a batch render in maya using maximum processor speed, web browse on, listen to music through iTunes, and connect and download bittorent files, all simultaneously without having significant issues.

Most of my friends can't do this on their Dell laptops. They are stuck listening to music from my speakers during a group project because we are all batch rendering and they can only web browse if they want their computer to keep from freezing during the render. I say this because I use the **** out of my laptop, and I hardly ever experience the problems you speak of unless I am at the brink of my computer's abilities.

So you must be real hardcore user if you experienced these problems in the first few days you had your notebook.

Then again, none of my friends are running the "robust" windows vista you are speaking I guess this isn't a fair comparison.
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