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Personally I've had one OS X lockup in 8 months, so it's odd that you've had so many problems.

The primary/secondary buttons, expose etc can all be customised within the OS. It's seems strange you would brand the whole OS as awkward on this basis.

It doesn't take a genius to look at Apple specs and realise you could have a PC for much cheaper. Dell can shift hundreds of thousands of laptops at a low profit margin. Apple has a 6% market share and has to markup a lot to stay profitable. This is why they concentrate on design so much - to create a stylish brand with kudos that can justify their high prices. Think of Bang & Olufsen - you buy a JVC for a fraction of the price.

And I'm not been biased here - I use a PC with WinXP during evenings and weekends, and an IMac at work. OS X is much nicer in my opinion. Not perfect, but better than XP. The exception is with games, which is why I have a PC.

OS X isn't for everybody, but I'm just curious what the real reasons for you not liking it are, as you haven't been that specific.
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