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hey guys,
ive had my ibook g4 for almost two years now and yesterday i started encountering huge problems with my airport and wireless internet.

yesterday morning i sat online chatting for a good 4-5 hours without a problem. i went out for a few hours and come home, open the lid of my ibook to check my mail and then poof suddenly no internet. nothing not a razo. the aiport was turned on but there was no signal, not even a week one.

so i think oh i'll try turning it off and then back on. nope didnt work. i restarted my computer. still nothing. so i turn on the home pc take my laptop off the access list, reboot the router , add myself again and still nothing. so i restart my ibook again. i get a signal. 3 bars of strength.

5 minutes later, im trying to load a web page and nothing, no signal again. so i reboot my laptop. it gets signal again, full strength.

then i went to bed. thismorning i wake up up the lid of my ibook to check myemail b4 work. and again, no friggen signal. nothing. i reboot AGAIN and it finds the signal.

i was wondering whether anyone may have encountered a problem like this or has any ideas as to what might be wrong? could it be some of my settings or something like that? it just seems odd how all of a sudden there was a problem, when in the morning it was working fine.

i would really appreciate some help on this. thanks a lot in advance
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