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Originally Posted by relapse View Post
How do I transfer all my songs to iTunes? I'm using an external hard drive, and I copied all of the music files to "Music" on my Macintosh Hard Drive, and then I dragged and dropped them into iTunes. Is this all I need to do?

In the future, if I download any music to lets say "Music" will the songs automatically show up in iTunes or do I have to consolidate my library?

Also, I am trying to get all of my album artwork into iTunes. I had itunes on my windows machine with tons of artwork, and they were in the respective artist folders. Now when i have transferred all of my music folders to my mac, shouldn't the album covers show up as well in iTunes?

And in all my folders, I see a desktop.ini file
I'm not sure what this is, and if it is necessary of if I should be getting rid of it

Here's some info on transferring ones iTune library:

The desktop.ini files probably copied over with your music and are not needed as far as I know.

If you follow the advice in the link it might fix up the alb art problem too.
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