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Thanks Big D, that clears stuff up.

I'm also having a little bit of difficulty setting up mail. I have a gmail account, but I'm not sure how to do this. I am following the directions on the website, but yet I can't manage to get it to work.

If I log into for web-based mail, it says that I have 350 emails. But when I check it from Apple mail it says I have 450?

And also, does mail take up lots of hard drive space? Would you recommend to delete mail periodically? I tried deleting a piece of mail, but I can't see it in the trash. Where does the file go when you delete it?

And how come all of my outgoing mail is in my inbox? How do I change this?


Regarding trash, if you want to delete something there are 3 ways:

1) Drag it to the trash yourself
2) Highlight whatever you want to trash and in the File menu, select "Move To Trash"
3) Highlight the file and press Command+Delete (my favourite)

I know this doesn't answer your issue with Mail & Gmail but there's a Dashboard Widget which you can access your Gmail Webmail through:

When you delete an email in Mail it is transferred to your trash, but the trash in Mail, not in Finder. It's the same with iPhoto and you need to periodically empty these other trash cans as they will take up disc space depending on the size of the trashed files, of course.

It's not normal that outgoing mail resides anywhere else other that the 'Sent' folder or in 'Drafts' if they are pending.

I just found this which addresses the method of configuring Mail to connect to Gmail and retrieve mail.
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