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Originally Posted by djames42
My understanding is that FSX requires a fairly high-end graphics card. The X1600 in the iMac most likely won't give your Dad the experience he's looking for.

A friend of mine just installed FSX on a 2.8ghz AMD dual-core PC with a 512mb video card, and while the video looks impressive, he says it's not particularly smooth.

I'm afraid the x1600 is considered pretty light by gaming standards. I'm not sure, but I'm not sure that the 7600 in the 24" iMac will do well enough either. I'd have a look around Microsoft's site for FSX to see if there's a suggested hardware guide. I'm fairly sure the 2ghz CPU in the iMac would be okay, I'm just afraid you'd have to really scale down the graphics options to get any good performance.
That is what I am starting to think, too. I installed FSX on my PC at home, which is by no means great, but still normally handles games alright (2ghz P4, 1gb RAM, ATI RADEON 9550), and it was torture. the framerate was awful. i had to scale everything back so far just to get a decent framerate that it just ended up being crappy.

I think the problem here is that FSX really requires a state of the art machine.

i am still interested in real world experience, so if anyone has given it a try, please let me know. it's not looking good at this point.
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