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Reverend Wally
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I am going to make the switch as soon as I get the check from an insurance settlement. The settlement has been agreed on and the check has been sent by my attorney. I am just waiting.

I am presently using an Xtreme Notebook (Clevo D900K) AMD FX60 with 2 gigs RAM and dual HDs in RAID 0 config. Ilike it, but am tired of the maintainence surprises that Windows always seems to have for me at inopportune times.

I am getting the MBP 17" matte screen 160 gig HD 2 gig RAM C2D super bad Apple/Mac and can hardly wait till I have it in my hot little hands.

I have discovered that the MBPs (C2Ds) come with 802.11n cards. I am hoping that OS will be upgraded to make use of this feature 'cause I have a NetGear 802.11n gigabit edition router and I love it.... I have read that OS will only use the g stabdard at this time unless you load BootCamp and Windows. :eek: OUCH.... Don't want to go there. LOL

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