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I searched the forums to make sure that this question has not already been posed, so please forgive me if it has and I missed it.

My parents are looking for a new computer. They have an older Dell now, but my mom has been pretty open to the idea of getting a Mac (mostly thanks to rave reviews from Walt Mossberg). The only potential problem is that my dad is a big fan of MS Flight Simulator, and the main reason he wants to get a new machine in the first place is to run the latest and greatest (Flight Simulator X). For their uses, an iMac seems like a good option, but I am just wondering if anyone has run FSX a new Core 2 Duo (using Boot Camp, of course) iMac. Even if you have run on a Core Duo, I would be curious to hear how it worked out. I would get them the upgraded video card (256 mb) to help out, but if it isn't going to run FSX well, then it really defeats the purpose of them even upgrading.

A Mac Pro is way more machine than they really need, so that is out of the question at this point. Besides FSX, they really just check email and browse the web.

Anyone care to chime in? Your help is appreciated.
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