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Back in August I thought mac users were trolls who would go on forums and say things like "W1nc1o23 U5rs 5uckzorz" so I ordered a PC from AlienWare. It took 2 MONTHS TO BUILD! When I got it, it was screwed up. So I have returned it and am waiting for that 4 grand back (-15%). So while I was waiting, i began to look around for a new PC. I was skeptical of all vendors and did "company sucks" in google and looked for all rants pertaining to hardware build quality. Eventually I picked apple macbook pro since they had few complaints on them and seemed VERY nice. Yes, I am about to join those who only a few months ago was a cult to me. I plan to buy when my account gets credited that money and then to dual boot OSX and Ubuntu 6.10. Has anyone here had build issues with Apple Macs? (PS If this sounds trollish to you, I want you to know I have picked Apple over Dell, AW, Gateway, etc)
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