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Hey guys,

I am going to be selling my 17" Powerbook in favor of a Mac Pro and I have some basic questions regarding the transfer of my important files from one computer to the other.

a. what is the most reliable method of transfer?

b. what folders do I need to make sure to copy? I definately want all my emails and iCal info as well as my preferences, bookmarks etc.

c. what do I do about applications? for instance, I purchased an upgrade for quicktime. How do I go about installing that on the Mac Pro? I believe all other apps I have disks for so apps arent that big of a deal at this point

d. I also want to make sure I dont bring over a bunch of crap to the new computer too though, lets just say my powerbook isnt the tidiest of computers. I have removed all that I know how to remove on my own but I am sure there is a reasonable amount of unwanted or unused files on there that I dont want on the new machine.

e. and lastly how do return the powerbook to its original state before I bought it? So that whoever purchases it will be able to authenticate the computer for themselves and none of my info will be on the drive.

thanks for the help,
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