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I have a few Windows apps that I want to keep using, even though my new 20" iMac is incredible. So I tried to install Apple's boot camp, to make it dual bootable, and so I could run Windows occasionally (I still use MS Money and I don't want to buy a Mac copy of it or Civ 4 since I just dropped $1350 on my iMac).

So, I tried to set up a 10 GB partition for Windows using boot camp, but it didn't work and I totally trashed OSX. I had to erase the partitions and re-install the OS from scratch.

Anybody out there with a new iMac who has been able to get boot camp up and running with XP? Any pointers would be nice.

Also, if you'd like to check out my blog entries about switching over to an iMac, with some useful links, check out these posts:

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Thanks in advance for any boot-camp pointers.
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