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They have the beta, but on their blog it says it makes all PPC programs running thru Rosetta will crash. A copy of the post is below.

"ShapeShifter 2.4b3

Howdy, folks! It's beta time yet again. Before we get started,

Very Important Note: ShapeShifter 2.4b1 and ShapeShifter 2.4b2 both had a bug that caused PPC applications running on Intel machines via Rosetta to sporadically crash on launch. The new beta, ShapeShifter 2.4b3 !!!DOES NOT!!! fix this issue. We're still working on it. If the bug affects you, a kludgy work-around is to copy/paste the command seen below this paragraph into /Applications/Utilities/Terminal before you run a PPC app on your Intel Macintosh. Here's the command:

sudo killall translated

Still reading? Okay, more warnings - this is still beta software. It might cause your computer to spontaneously begin shooting lasers out of your iSight camera and into your Significant Other's forehead. And that tends to annoy him/her/it, you know! Seriously - beta means we don't guarantee stability. Use at your own risk, or wait until the release version.

Still still reading? Great! Here's what's fixed:

The System Preferences application no longer crashes if you preview the same theme multiple times.
Resolved an issue that could cause application skins not to be applied after previewing a theme in the ShapeShifter preference pane.
Resolved an issue that could cause color overrides set in guiTweak not to be applied properly."

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