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Hello Everybody.

I have been looking for an answer to this problem for quite a while with out luck.

As You know in order to watch videos using front row we acces them thru a menu that goes something like this:

Videos>>>> Movies, Tv Shows, Music Videos, etc

I have my personal videos in a the osx folder for videos, all organized as i like to. Front Row reaches this thru "videos", its quite akward but it does the trick (you know you can only have music videos in front row if you downloaded them from itunes).

BUT... here comes the actual problem. If i add videos to my ipod then front row goes mad... and list this videos twice. Yes, it list them under Movies-Ipod- but also in the root folder!!

As you can guess it goes all messy and in order to reach my osx videos i have to scroll down all the way thru the ipod videos, not only it looks messed up but is uncomfortable to scroll down all those videos in order to reach the ones i'm looking for.

I don't know if I have been able to express the problem.

Please let me know is there is any info I can add and if there's any way to fix this. So far the only solution is not to load videos in the ipod...but you know.. i sorta bought it so i coud

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