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I really figured this one would already be on here but it didn't show up on search, so here it goes:

Let's say I want to open an audio file in VLC. When I right click to open with VLC I get two entries for VLC (along with 3 quick time players and two iTunes?!). I of course tried repair permissions and this did not get rid of the mysterious multiple applications neye: . So here are my theories:

I recently attached an iBook and a MacBook to my computer while they were in firewire mode, do you think my computer is still seeing these applications from other people's computers? (I could use their applications)

Or my other theory which is that maybe something is messed up in my receipts folder but then again I'm not entirely sure what the point of that folder is yet. (Besides seeing what installers have been run)

Anyone got an idea? I could attach a picture but I think this is pretty straightforward.
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