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Originally Posted by cjay
Hulk you da man. So what's the difference between 720p and 1080i? I just plug component into the vga socket of my lcd and I'm good to go right? Thanks for your help. I'll probably get a 360 this weekend can't wait any longer for the Wii.

You can't plug component cables into the VGA 15-pin interface. You'll need to purchase for $40-$50 the VGA kit and then plug it into your monitor. The 360 (premium) comes with component cables for TV hookup.

Also, don't bother with the $299 360, you get shortchanged on soooooo much ie: backwards compatibility (on select titles), hard drive, component cables and wirless controllers that it's pretty dumb to not just plunk down the extra $100 and get the full-blown system.

On the 360 running at 1080p.... That is for HD-movies only and via an HDMI cable. You'll have to buy the 360 HD-DVD drive for both of these (coming soon) for $200. Also, since movies are 24fps, 1080p is useless for movies as they don't need the 60fps that is the main difference between 1080i and 1080p. Don't believe the hype about the scan-lines and refresh rates as the human eye cannot detect the difference.

Also on Plasma... I wouldn't go that route, Plasma TVs have not been the greatest and have not lasted very long. They've been looking for ways to replace Plasma almost since its' introduction. It looks like SEDs and Laser-TVs will be out next year and both better and cheaper than Plasma. If you want to buy now then I suggest LCD or DLP.
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