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You'll need to buy the VGA kit for the 360. You'll also only be able to display at 720p because the 360's max resolution is 1920x1080 (1080i). Believe me though, 720p is NOTHING to scoff at. Games look like a regular Xbox on SDTVs but at high-def, they're just WOW! I use t component cables on my 360 which are analog like the 15-pin connector and I use analog audio. IT looks spectacular at 1080i for me. I personally don't think there is that big of a difference between the analog and digital (DVI and optical audio) kits to warrant going that way unless you have a mega-system and a PC-monitor and speakers are DEFINATELY not a mega-system. Since it'll be near you MAC, do yourself a favour and get the controller-charging kit so that when you're not playing your 360, you can plug your controller into the USB ports of the Mac to recharge. ANy other questions? Just ask :black:
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