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I too have downloaded it. It takes a little bit of finding on that web page. scroll down and look for anything remotely related to downloading a file.

It works a treat!!

my native temp on my lap running a few apps and itunes running was about 68oC or so. I ran the 4000rpm script and it cooled to a healthy 40oc.

I tried the 'Dangerous RPM' list, only daring to try the 5000rpm one and it dropped it another 3degrees.

I am just wondering, does anyone have the fogiest on life expectancy of these fans? I mean, I am only ever going to run it when it is on my lap or I am running some intense rendering apps to let the CPU breathe easier, but I was just thinking, it surely is wearing out the fans a little too.

It is like somethng comming out to make your screen go brighter than it should. it's not going to pop immediately, but over time it would reduce it's lifespan. Anyway, thought I would post. What a great little thing to have found. Well done.

Now all we need is the chap who made iAlert U to write it as a program which puts little click icons on the menu bar to let you change it instantly. that would be so neat.

Out of curiosity, does anyone know which type of fans are used in the MBP? Just if they ever did fail, it would be good to know to get a few and replace the failed ones.

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