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So I was browsing Digg and found this story:

digg it please if it works for you. Someone found a way to control the fan speeds inside the MBP. Then about halfway through it, someone made it DEAD SIMPLE to do this. They made Applescripts to change the fan speeds!

Next, I went and read the whole thread... let me save you the trouble. First, get a copy of CoreDuoTemp and run it and check your temps.

Here's the thread on Macrumors: Read post #80...

Go to post #80. There's a link there to download... here it is:

It's really very simple.

Place the unzipped folder into your Apps directory
double click one of the apple scripts
enjoy your cool new MBP!

I tested mine. I've got the new version of CoreDuoTemp running. I was at 159 degrees F. I'm now down to 109F. A complete total change! I got that by running the fans at 3000 rpm.

It basically just turns your fans on all the time, at a faster rate. The noise issue... yeah I can hear them, but they're just as quiet as my Antech cooler pad with 2 fans TWICE the size of the ones inside the MBP.

At 3500 rpm there's no noticeable change in the noise.

I highly recommend it.

Please do a few things. Take the time, note your temps first with coreduotemp. Get the F and C degree readings. Once you do that, get the software installed, and run it. Give it 10 mintues and see what difference you have.

Take notes on what speed you choose and how far your temp drops! Lets really see what this thing can do! Then please post back your results here.