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Originally Posted by codyman
Hi.... I have an iBook G3 "ClamShell" 300 mhz. I have MacOS 9.2.2 and I want to add a dvd drive to my iBook INTERNALLY. What dvd drives are compatible? I browsed eBay and found a Toshiba SD-C2302 that seems to be compatible, but what others can I use? Thanks
Will not work. The 300mhz clamshells only have a 4meg video built in where the clamshells that did come with built in dvd's had a 8meg video built in, Grphite SE DVD and Key Lime DVD were 466mhz, so as far as I know it will not work at all. Give the local Apple store a call, I am not sure if a external DVD would work but suspect it will not because of the 4 meg video.

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