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Originally Posted by Liam
I want all my JPEGs to open in 'Preview' - however if I make a JPEG in photoshop it then makes that JPEG alone as to open in Photoshop by default.

Also, if I have a folder full of JPEGs, is there a way when I open a JPEG in Preview to press a 'next' or 'previous' button or key so I don't have to keep going through each JPEG and clicking it one by one?

I also have lots of EPS files on my machine, and they will all only open in Illustrator if I go through each one by one and choose it to open in Illustrator.

Any ideas how I can overcome these problems?

G'day Liam,

Ps is a pain like hijacks all images...with the folder full'o'jpegs, just select them all and command+O or double-click them and the will open in Preview (hopefully PS won't notice) and if you click on the Drawer icon in the upper left, a drawer pops out and all you need to do to scroll through them is hit the right or left arrow....
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