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Hello, Im totally new to Macintosh OS. I personally use Linux, I'm considered to be computer literate therefore my friends give me all those computers to fix for them. Recently i received this iMac. My friend bought it from some school for cheap. He purchased the mac os 9.2 cd and wanted me to install it. I agreed thinking it cant be tough. I was wrong, I discovered that FoolProof service is enabled and i cant really do anything with the computer, not even run the installer application from the installation cd. I tried to boot from the same cd holding C-key down while boot up, but it didnt work either. I found guides on how to baypass the foolproof security measures, but they are rather an advanced texts and as I said im new to the topic. Any help would be greately appreciated. Thanks in advance. If you need some more specific info just let me know.
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