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Everything Pilse 8 says is correct. To make it a little easier though, if you are used to working with windows, then treat the .dmg files you download to your desktop as equal to a .zip file (containing a compressed program) that you download on windows.

Double click on the .dmg file will open a "hard disk" type icon on your desktop - this is equivalent to clicking on a standard .zip file within windows and it decompressing, both show the items they hold within a new window.

Drag and drop the program from the "hard disk" type icon's contents window to your applications folder. In windows you would click the .exe file in the decompressed window and follow installation instructions.

Once the program has transferred from the hard disk icon contents window - you will see a transfer progress bar - you can then drag and drop the hard disk type icon to the trash to "eject" it.

Your program is now installed, and you can drag and drop to your dock if you wish for quick access. With your .dmg file (like a .zip file) you can either save on your system for any further installations of the program if you need them, or burn to a disc to keep or trash it.

If you trash the .dmg file, it will not stop the program from working if you have installed as above, but, if you ever want to re-install the program, you will need to download the .dmg file again.

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