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Originally Posted by Liam
What can I keep and what can I delete?

Do I keep the setup (DMG) files on my computer after downloading and installing applications?

I hate things on my desktop, so find myself deleting files then finding out my application has gone and I'm having to re-download them the next day.

Anyone help out?

Hi Liam, it wasn't too long ago that I was asking myself the very same questions...

When the .dmg is fully downloaded, double-clicking on it will lauch the volume (unless you have this auto-launch in your web browser prefs in which case it will launch itself in a new window).

So, in the new window that springs open, just drag the apps icon to your applications folder...or to the alias of your Apps folder which should be to the right of the App you want to install.

Once installed, launch it from your Apps folder.

Then, decide whether you want to keep the icon in your Dock for easy access.

Then when the app has been closed, you can drag the Volume icon to the trash, which will in turn change to the same icon you see when you eject a CD.

It's up to you if you want to also trash the .dmg or keep it in a folder for later use just in case.

I have a special folder for all my .dmg files.

Then you're done.
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