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Originally Posted by Lucky Dog
Hi, i have 2 difficulties which are driving me nuts and would appreciate any help i can get. a) I have a folder in the trash which will not get dumped, even if i change the priviliges on it. It is saying it cannot find the file, when i try to dump it and the trash still shows there is a folder in it which is empty...
(A) Try restarting your mac to see if the trash empties....or try dragging the folder from the trash and then opening it up and drag the contents to the trash one by one (depending how many files if any) and emptying it.

(B) I also had this problem but it rectified itself...have you repaired permissions? How about just going to computer B and drop the file on A's desktop that way?

A handy tip I just learned from a knowledgeable person here is if you drag the network icon from your desktop to your LogIn items in System Prefs>Accounts>Your account, so that whenever you start your mac you will automatically be connected to your network providing all computers are on.
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