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Originally Posted by Badger
What model of iMac do you have? Regardless of that, the first step is to remove the memory you added; making hardware changes to a computer that isn't working right just complicates the issue. Now try to start up with a OS 9 system CD. One thing NOT to do is try to load OS X (or even use a CD with OS X on it) until you are sure the firmware has been updated. Using X on a slot-loading CD iMac will do very frustrating things to the computer if the firmware is not the latest version. (The firmware issue does not affect the original, tray-load iMacs.) If the computer starts from the OS 9 CD then reformat the hard drive and install OS 9 again or use the "Restore" CD that came with the computer.

I am real confused...I have the death screen too. On an IMAc . the "et looking design. so I do what?
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