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Dar Hosta
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I've just created a web site in iWeb ( ) and, through Safari and Firefox, there are no visual glitches (that I know of). Recently, however, a user emailed me to let me know that when viewed in IE, all the hyperlinks I created in text blocks are "blacked out" like a magic marker. Indeed, when I visited my own site through IE, I get something weird in all the text blocks with links, not blacked out, but like it's a missing image file with messages like: "shapeimage_28_link_1". The links work, but you'd never know what they are going to go to because you can't read the original text that is there.

I'm new to this forum and I've scanned over the previously posted browser issues. I see from other user's posts that IE causes these kinds of problems with iWeb, however, given that many of my clients may be PC users who use IE, I'm troubled by this and wonder if there is a quick fix for this problem. Out of all the things I thought would be glitchy with my iWeb site, creating simple text hyperlinks through the iWeb control panel was the last thing on my mind.

If anyone has any solutions or suggestions for this, I'd certainly appreciate it. I do not know HTML and cannot see myself attempting to patch up the HTML code for IE, like some of the posts suggest. I just wanted a pretty web site that I could control myself!
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