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Originally Posted by Emuleem22
OK, so I've posted about my keyboard acting weird before (mentioning as a part of another topic), but it's getting increasingly annoying now, so I'm here to ask people what they think I should do.
I very recently got an Intel iMac 20", and absolutely love it except for how my keyboard acts. Well, I'm not sure if it's the keyboard or any other defect that's causing this, but seeing how my mouse and any other USB peripheral never had problem, I'm guessing it's the keyboard. The problem is that, I would be using the keyboard for, say 30 minutes, an hour, who knows how long,,,, but all of a sudden, it stops responding. The timing of when the keyboard stops responding is very random, and sometimes, the volume control (down/up/mute/eject) keys on the top right corner are the only keys that do not respond, and sometimes the whole keyboard goes dead. Solution is very easy,,, all I do is disconnect and reconnect the keyboard whenever this happens.
Hi, would you mind trying something for me and reporting if it works:

Reboot into "Safe Boot":
by rebooting from a complete shutdown, holding down the shift key after the Mac reboots then just do nothing. Reboot again as normal and see if this changes anything...
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