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Originally Posted by groggy23
"Stay away from FM transmitters, and like thereof."
I could not agree more... but if you have an old stereo without hard connections to make, or if you are wanting to use in other peoples cars you can get away with the FM transmitters, they just lack the quality and inteference is always an issue.

A buddy of mine tried a cheap version of this unit he purchased from Cosco, big mistake. It was like the unit was never quite tuned right so you never got a clear broadcast.

I first used a Belkin model that had four channels to select from. Very companct and ran on batteries. It worked "OK" but I was always trying to find one of the four channels with the least inteference (Ussually a stronger signal on or close to the selected frequency). The other problem is that I'd always seem to forget to shut it off and run the batteries down!

I later tried a more cradle like unit that plugged into the 12VDC power point. Now I didn't have to worry about the batteries and it charged my iPod. It also set the unit up for easy access while I was driving. The real added bonus to this model was that it allowed me to choose whatever FM frequency I wanted to transmit on throughout the band. It was much easier to find a frequency that did not have a strong signal on it and allow a much bettter transmission without inteference.

As luck would have it, if you surf to this Bestbuy page you'll see the two units I had. The first is the small Belkin, at only $10 it's a pretty cheap and painless solution, just not the best. The second down is the DLO unit I had. I'd be guessing there are better units out there now...

Another tip if you have to go this road, see if your antenae is easily removable. It's not needed for the close in broadcasting you are doing and it will reduce the signals you are picking up from outside the vehicle.

I've since moved on to a hard wired set up in my vehicle and of course it really is the way to go if you can.

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