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I'm here to tell you that you CAN build a slipstreamed disk based on an upgrade version of XP, even without SP2. I built one on an Upgrade version of XP Pro SP1, added SP2, added the folders required for the single disk to also have Windows ME on it so the upgrade would work, and even built the Mac Drivers onto the same disk. Downside was that the final image was so large I had to burn it onto a DVD, but that was a minor issue. Had one moment of terror when it appeared the installation wasn't finding my ME files and so wouldn't allow the install to continue, but after telling it to try again, it found them and off we went.

Now I'm running XP Pro SP2 on an ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS 24" iMac w/ Intel Core 2 Duo running at 2.33 GHz. This is a KILLER machine. Can't decide, however, if I'm happier with OS/X or XP Pro on this baby... Only time will tell...

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