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Originally Posted by Brown Study
Disk Utility runs a S.M.A.R.T. check. I don't know whether it could run a separate check on an external drive. (Disk Utility's Help, when I typed in smart, suggests that it will.) My machine's drive has four partitions, and I have to click on the main-drive icon to verify its status. Your drive would have to have SMART built in.

There's a freeware app called SMARTReporter that runs continuous checks on drives. I don't know whether you can set the thing up to work on an external drive, and I don't think it's universal binary. But if you can run it through Rosetta and still have it show up in the menu bar, you'll know at all times (hopefully) whether the drive is dying.

You can set it up so it'll send an email to you if anything's wrong, so maybe it would run through Rosetta even without the icon.
All of the SMART stuff was greyed out, so I could not use it for the external drive. I think I read something on the web when searching google that indicated that the SMART tools would not work with external drives, only on drives actually connected to the IDE BUS.

I'll checkout SMARTReporter, but if the drive needs to be on the BUS, it's probably not going to work.

For the time being, none of this is going to matter, the drive started acting up again. I'm pretty sure that it's failed completely. But I'm going to try reformatting it and testing it on my PC where I have a lot more tools at my disposal currently.

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