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First of all I'd like to tell you to think over your switching. Take a pen and paper (seriously) and list out the reason for buying a mac. From what I can tell, you are a more casual user.

Since you don't know the Mac OS, how can you tell that it is what you need?
It is very possible that Windows is a better choice for you. Please consider that.

As for the questions:

1. OS X comes with Safari, a great browser tha works with 99.99% of all sites. It is the first browser to pass programming standards, and thus if a site fails, it's the site programmers fault. But Safari will do the job for you. Of course, you also have the choice among others like Firefox for Mac, Camino and Opera. Try them out, find the best one for YOU.

2. OS X is an OS that is based on PDFs in the graphics core. This means that PDF is built in as a system feature, and you'll have a great experience in this field. You don't need Adobe Reader, Macs come with a program called Preview which do the job, only better and faster.

3. OS X again has integrated burning. You just have to create a "burn folder" (is a simplae as creating a normal folder) and drop things in in. Then hit the "burn" button in the burn folder. That's all.
If you want advanced functionailty, you might like to buy Rocio Toast, which is compaable to Nero Burning ROM. It can make VCD's and DVDs. As for DVDs, iDVD is very good for making Menus.

4. For wireless, you need a sender and a receiver. A receiver is already in your Mac. A sender is to be purchased. You'll want what is called a "Wireless Router". You get them cheap and inexpensive. You can then hook a cable from your Modem to your Router, which has an antenna, and spread the signal. Apple makes wireless routers, called Aiport Base stations. You don't need an Apple Router to run with you mac, any Router will do. Consult your shopkeeper.

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