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Anyone know of any good Disk Repair Tools that work on Intel Based Macs and will support USB/Firwire Drives?

I have a USB drive that I use to store data, images and backups of my user folder from my Mac's internal HD. The drive was acting up a few weeks ago and I determined that the usb enclosure was bad. I replaced that and was able to retreive all of my data to a backup location. Today, I could not mount the drive, but the system could see it in Disk Utility. I was not able to run a repair on the disk because it said it had errors. So since I have a backup of the drive, I did a quick erase which just rewrites the directory structure and the drive mounted fine.

I'm going to use the drive with caution since it could be a media or drive hardware failure, but with what happened, it leads me to beleive that a decent disk utility might have corrected the problem and saved me the time of copying my data back to the drive.

From what I have read, DiskWarrior is great, but does not yet support the Intel Macs. So, anyone have first hand experience with a tool that does work on the Intel Macs?
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