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Hi everyone. I have been using iMovie since I purchased my iBook in December of 2004. Over the last 6 months, I have developed an interest in making short films in different styles. I feel that I have reached limitations on this computer, as well as with iMovie.

My iBook specs are listed in my profile.

I have decided that Final Cut Express, at $149 for students, is the most logical step for me to advance my skills in video, and the quality of my work. I feel that I will be able to teach myself this program in a short time.

I want a computer with a DVD Burner, and with a higher resolution for more screen space for editing. I also want something with a faster Processor.

I really like having a portable computer, and a MacBook Pro is out of my price range at the moment...

I have decided to get a 2.0ghz MacBook with 2gigs of Ram. I know that the video card is intergrated, and isnt as good as the ATI X1600 in the MBP. But, the intergrated 64mb Intel graphics are much better than my ATI 32mb 9200 in my iBook, right?

I already own a 300gig External 7200rpm HD, so internal HD qualifications dont effect me as much.

For those of you experienced with Final Cut Express, would the MacBook I am considering purchasing be adequate for the tasks I want to accomplish with it? Should I save for another couple of months and get a MBP? Its hard to justify the additional $500 for the MBP...

I am open to suggestions, I would like to spend time discussing this with as many as possible, as I can only mull things over in my mind so much.

Im looking at roughy $1500 for the MacBook, Final Cut Express, Wireless Mighty Mouse and Taxes.

Thank you in advance, please help.
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