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Originally Posted by Cam
I'm stuggling with mac osx a bit too. It just doesn't seem as flexable as good old windows! I'm no windows expert, but if I wanted to do something, chances are I could find a waym of doing it fairly logically. On the mac I'm going to where I'd expect something to be and there's no sign of it. I have to go and search in some totally unlinked folder. I'll get used to it I guess!
It's mentioned many times here. Forget what you know about windows.. I switched a few months ago myself and you can't compare the two or expect things to be somewhere you think that it would be in windows. Mac OSX is a lot easier than Windows. Thats where I was having a problem. I was always looking for the hard way to do things and come to find out its much easier in OSX. For example, installing and uninstalling. I was trying to find an Add/Remove equivilent and couldn't find it. Come to find out all you do is drag the program where you want it to go (application folders, desktop, etc) and it's installed. To uninstall you just drag it to the Trash. Easy. It took me a little bit to get used to it but after a few weeks i was very confortable with it. And except for maybe one or two programs i have been able to find a Mac equivilent program to do what i need to do. Burn CD/DVD's, rip them, edit pics, resize pics, etc. Give it a little time and you will get the hang of it
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