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Originally Posted by heskemo
I have this problem already.. but dont blame me, I am a windows guy and i just switched to mac.. I discovered that the trackpad still has that stupid acceleration in MACOSX 10.4 intel based-duo. I also have another problem which i have found out that the performance is not as strong as windows. I tried to run flashplayer 8.0 on my machine, and it was awful, it hung me to death. I dont if there is some CPU performance adjustment ulilities that could help me.
how many bounces does it take to start an app? you're running basically prototype technology (intel chips for macs isn't like intel chips for windows, where they have been developed and written for it since day 1). Could be universal binary, could be OS performance.

Heck, may want to check your exhaust area of your MacBook (Guessing MacBook due to the trackball) and make sure you don't have plastic covering the exhaust and overheating the chip.
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