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Originally Posted by taseal
is there a way? there is a certain website I dont want my gf going to... is there a way I can do this? perhaps through a router or something?
Hi, this is word for word from the Safari help files.

Choosing which websites users can view:

If you have an administrative account on a computer, you can control which websites users can view in Safari. Users will be able to view only those websites that are in the bookmarks bar. In addition, they will not be able to enter web addresses in the address field, use the Google search field, or modify any of the bookmarks.

Log in as the user, and open Safari.
Choose Safari > Preferences, click Security, and deselect "Enable parental controls."
Enter an administrator's name and password when asked.

Add bookmarks for the websites you want the user to visit in the Bookmarks Bar. Remove all other bookmarks from the Bookmarks Bar.
When you're done, choose Safari > Preferences, click Security, and select "Enable parental controls."

When you add a page to the Bookmarks Bar, the user will be able to visit any page on that site. For example, if you add a bookmark for, the user will be able to visit any page at, and not just index.html.

While you're still logged in as the user, try to access the sites you want that user to view, so you can make sure the user can still view them. For example, some web pages don't display content but transfer you automatically to a page on a different site. If you want a user to view that content, both sites (the original site and the site you're transferred to) must be in the bookmarks bar.

Parental controls does not prevent a user from viewing websites in other browsers. To prevent a user from using other web browsers, use the Accounts pane in System Preferences to set up the parental controls for Finder & System, and choose the applications the user can open.
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