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Do a Wiki of OpenGL, search it for OS X, you get towards the bottom this quote "Mac OS X has three APIs to get OpenGL support: AGL for Carbon, NSOpenGL for Cocoa and CGL for lower-level access."

If you do a google search for AGL, one of the top results is a Technical Q&A for OS X OpenGL: (link to that). This quote is from that link, and the link is so we can assume it's official from the developers.

Q: What are the Mac OS X system specific OpenGL Interfaces?

A: Apple currently provides 4 basic interfaces to OpenGL: CGL, AGL, NSGL, and GLUT. These APIs perform the required tasks of selecting a pixel format, creating a context for OpenGL state and finally attaching to an OS-specific drawable which selects a renderer and creates the buffers necessary for OpenGL drawing. All of these APIs also provide for buffer swaps and the ability to set context parameters and options. The 4 APIs are as follows: and Wikipedia are your friend. As far as what is the easiest, best, or most commonly used API by Mac developers.. I can't help you there.
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