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Okay, a couple of weeks ago the screen for my mac G5 crapped out (23 inch HD Cinema display) - Bad news.
Good news - I also have a pc screen handy that I am trying to use on my G5.
Dillema: I bought a DVI-VGA cable and am trying to interface the G5 with my Dell screen (Optiplex GX260). Problem is, I get the apple start up Icon (grey screen with the gadget turning) then after that my screen goes black.
When I hit buttons on the screen it says the screen is in power save mode, blah blah blah, hit this key - nothing happens.
I have gotten it to the point where it says auto adjust is in progress, then it goes to the black screen.
Is there anyway I can fix this? I know the cable works, because I get the start up screen - it's just when I get to what would be the desktop, it craps out.
I am guessing that I need to change the resolution or something. I have tried the whole resetting PRAM deal, but got nothing. Please help! Any information will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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