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Originally Posted by sonnycheeba23
Yeah, Im directly connecting to my officejet via wifi.

My mac is upstairs and the officejet is downstairs so I just connect to it directly via my aircard and the built in wifi in the HP. I could print to the HP via wifi while still maintaining my "dialup" ISP connection, but now that Im on a cable ISP I have to turn off my cable connection in order to print.
I think this is what you need to do. I'm assuming your printer is a WIFI printer (sounds like it). You need to set up your printer as if it were a computer on your wireless LAN. You WEP settings, etc. need to be the same as your computer. Additionally, you will want to assign your printer a static IP on your LAN. Once that is done, you will want to set up IP printing using the static IP you set up for the printer. Once this is done you should be able to print and remain connected to the internet.
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