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I haven't bought my Mac yet, but I'm in the process of it. I've done some research on forums and some other Apple related websites and still have some questions I wouldn't mind some people answering. I'm a thoroughbred Windows user and will gladly shed that title since I've had nothing but headaches with these machines.

For the record and ease of this post, I'm purchasing the top of the line Macbook. Without the RAM or HD upgrade for price reasons. And yes, the black one!

Upgrading HD/Installing Mac OS X

Upgrading the HD is, from what I've seen, stupidly easy. My question is when I get the new HD, how do I go about installing Mac OS X? I've read some support at Apple but not a direct answer to my question. Am I correct in assuming that I put in the new HD, put in my OS CD and let it do its thing?

I'm still thinking that I need some install disk, reformat the drive, and go through some dos prompts to get it working.

Is this process easy or.. How does it work?

Aqua... Gah.

Aqua is pretty. Aqua looks nice. Aqua is basic. Blue. And incredibly boring. Is there any way I can customize the UI in OS X to something -- anything other than that off white and blue? I know windows has Window Blinds to remake the UI, does something for OS X exist as well? I love personalizing stuff, which is why my Macbook is going to look rather odd once I'm done with it. I hope that I can make the UI just as unique. Free is good.

Word.. iWorks?

I need a program that will function as a very good Word Processor. I'm starting my first year of college in Journalism and need something that is good and better than Word. I know it exists out there. Is iWorks a good software program to purchase, or is there something out there that will work just as good on a Mac? That's .. Not expensive!

Wireless Router

This is such a newbie question, I hope I don't get flamed for this.

Can I use any Wireless Router with my Macbook? Or is it required that I get the Airport router for a hefty amount of money?

That's about all I can think of right now, if I have more I will surely update this post.

Thank you in advance to those reading, and moreso to those that extend their knowledge and experience to my queries!

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