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Originally Posted by markw10
I am buying a macbook shortly and definitely want 2 gigs of RAM and likely a 120 gig hard drive. I've heard never to get the RAM from apple because of cost. Is the same true for the hard drive?
I'm a 'switcher' from the windows world so I'm new to this. How hard is it to upgrade memory and hard drive? is there simply a slot to load the memory into? Physically I imagine the hard drive is not that hard to replace but how hard it is then to set up with MacOS X? Would I save a lot by doing the hard drive on my own?
Most of all, when I look for memory and a hard drive what do I look for brand wise or technology wise? Is it the same as on a PC?
Last, in case I do go with a Macbook Pro instead do they use the same memory and hard drives?
you are better off with Apple's rams because I heard some haveing heat issues with aftermarket rams. but again its your choice. about the hard drive you should open the laptop. there is no slot what so ever. unless you are extremely good with these things I wouldn't recomenned it. However, upgarding the ram is quite easy.
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