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I am a 100% pc user. Well my son is in college now and exclusively using Mac so he just switched. Well now I caught the bug and want to switch also. I am looking into a laptop but one concern I have is cost so I'm thinking of selling my windows laptop to help with the cost of the macbook. I'm undecided between the Macbook and Macbook Pro. From what I have read the GMA 950 processor will run Windows Vista with glass but barely so I'm concerned I'll need the processing power of the Macbook Pro.
As well, I'm undecided between which to go with. I hear a lot about Bootcamp. The only downside I see is having to reboot the computer to go between os's where it seems with Parallels you can run both at the same time in separate windows but is parallels just as compatible with bootcamp? I've heard bootcamp should run Vista but will Parallels run it?
One concern, at least that I've heard for Bootcamp, is that of course you have two partitions but that you never want to access one from the other when it comes to data. What I mean is someone told me if the windows partition has a lot of data files such as mp3's, jpg's, office documents, etc. never use them from the Mac side or vice versa or you could damage them. I have a lot of data and with two partitions hard drive space will be at a premium so I would hate to have to double my data to have it separately on each partition.
I know I will use Windows a lot and have so many programs for it. With time I will use more and more mac but still it may be more than 50% windows so it's important that Windows run just as well on a mac as a pure windows machine for compatiblity, speed, etc.. Is it like this? If not I may just have to keep the windows machine and get a cheaper mac.
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