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hi all, im totally new to this forum and have found it really useful so far. ok here goes, i've just bought an imac g5 as an upgrade to my dying PC and am looking to get an external hard drive for it (so far looking at a western digital 250gb one). However currently i have alot of music stored on my PC (in itunes) i want to transfer all of this music from my PC to an external hard drive which i can then use with my new g5, and play the files from the external hard drive into itunes on the g5. i was wondering if i'd encounter any problems a friend told me about 'MacDrive 6' which is supposed to be specially designed for this? has anyone else ever tried to do this before? and is it as time consuming as i imagine it to be (i have around 100gb of stored music), so yeh has anyone done this and what kind of problems (if any) did you encounter? plus how long did it take to do! i have to find anyway of doing this as i need my music! thanks o)))
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