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Good Morning,
Last week I picked up a 2.0ghz black Macbook (with apple installed 1gig memory 512 x2) at the apple store.
So after less than a week I have a problem. Today I started up the macbook, after checking my email and doing a few more things, I decided to listen to some music.
I plugged my headphones into the jack on the Macbook and to my suprise there is an audible "humming" coming through my headphones.
I took the headphones out and plugged them into my ipod (no humming in the headphones).
So my question is, is my macbook busted? is this a known issue?
This is the first time its happened in the 6 days! I have had this Macbook.
Any suggestions? or shoudl I just go to the store tonight, and have it sent out for repair...sigh.
Thank you for your time.
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