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Originally Posted by emendoz1
I have a MAc G4 Sawtooth w/ 400 MHZ, 1 gig of ram and a 60 gig HD.

I tried many times to install OSX (Tiger) but it keeps telling me the same thing over and over. "Please try to install the OS again" There was an error and you need to install the OS again. I tried switching hard drives but nothing. I even put ina SCSI card (adaptec) and a SCSI HD but the same thing happens. I used and older drive with OSX that I had from another G4 and when it boots, the Finder bar at the top starts to flicker and it apears and dissapears on and off. I have never seen this before! Does anyone have any suggestions? When this problem started I had a 60 gig HD installed and partitioned into two equal parts, then one day I went to turn it on, the chime sounded and as soon as it showed the grey screen with the small wheel turning the system would shut right off.


Hi everyone and thanks for looking but I got my G4 to work without even one person posting a solution. I can't beleive that 50 people viewed this post and not one could offer a solution. What kind of Mac forum is this that out of 50 people not one could or would offer any advice? Either no one cares to help or even worse, no one can help. I have been working on Macs, PC's, SGI's Linux to name a few for over 20 years and I don't claim to know everything but I do tinker around and eventually figure it out. Anyways, I don't mean to go on and on but I must say I am a bit concerned about the lack of inclusion.

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